Due to his extensive knowledge of brickmaking and its history, Tony often gets featured in magazines and television productions.

You can watch Tony's contributions in the youtube videos below.

Britain's Heritage Heroes (Episode 7)

Master brickmaker Tony Mugridge guides Jules Hudson through the process of making chimney bricks on the television show, Britain's Heritage Heroes.

Copyright BBC © 2012

Restoration Home (Series 3 Episode 1, Rock Farm.)

Tony is called in by architecture expert Keiran Long to identify features in the brickwork of a Georgian farmhouse, but makes a surprising discovery of national importance.

Copyright BBC © 2013

Lesser Spotted Ulster (Autumn 2014 Series, Episode 2)

Tony teaches Joe Mahon how to make an Arney Brick in the traditional way.

Copyright UTV © 2014

Battles, Bricks and Bridges

In this Lottery funded project in Arney Co Fermanagh, Tony spent two weeks teaching the local community how to make bricks.

Copyright Battles, Bricks and Bridges © 2014

The Children Who Built Victorian Britain

Tony talks to Professor Jane Humphries about the involvement of child workers in the Industrial Revolution.

Copyright BBC © 2011