As we are Britain’s very last Itinerant or travelling brick makers, we are keen that the history and traditions of the craft are perpetuated. As part of this ideal we have a small group of living history interpreters portraying British brick-making from 1400 to 1940.

18th Century Gauging Tools

Under the name of The Travelling Brickmakers we demonstrate how these craftsmen lived and worked through the turbulent politics of 600 years. From the Wars of the Roses, English Civil War, Restoration, Jacobite Rebellion, American Revolution, industrialisation, the Great Depression and through to WWII. Our extensive collection of artefacts and historic equipment bring history to life.

The Travelling Brickmakers are unique in also exhibiting one of the oldest portable brick making machines: an 1890’s Clayton & Howlett single mouthpiece pugmill. An amazing piece of brick-making history.

18th Century Gauging Tools

We attend living history events where you can visit and learn a little more about the daily lives of ordinary tradespeople. Contact us to find out where we’ll be and also to book us.

Alternatively, you may be part of an historical research group, club or educational organisation - we give excellent and informative talks on a whole range of heavy clay history and industry subjects including brick making, roofing tiles, floor and wall tiles, etc.

  • Medieval Tyler.
    Medieval Tyler.
  • Tile and die.
    Tile and die.
  • A selection of medieval themed tiles.
    A selection of medieval themed tiles.
  • A medieval Stove.
    A medieval Stove.